Importing Profile Information

Importing your profile will allow your relatives to see a link to your Geni profile and for you to see links to their Geni profiles. This can facilitate finding a paper trail between you and your DNA relatives.

Importing your data will be done using a secure connection with API. Importantly, Geni cannot see any of your DNA information or any data your provided to DNA.Land. We (DNA.Land) cannot observe your Geni password or payment details (if exist). The only information we will collect is the details of your Geni profile page. If you do not have a Geni profile, you can create one for free on DNA.Land does not endorse this service or involve with it.

We worked with data in the past and were able to learn important details on human health and migration events. Importing your Geni profile will help us to continue these interesting studies.

Relative Finder with Information

After importing your profile information into DNA.Land, you will see a link to your relative's profile information (provided they have imported their profile as well):

Importing Workflow

To import your profile information into DNA.Land, visit the main profile page, and click the Import From button:

A new pop-up window will appear, with login screen. Enter your email and password, and click login.
(NOTE: The password is sent securely and directly to Your password is never sent to DNA.Land.)

After logging-in to, you will be asked to authorize the DNA.Land application. By authorizing it, your profile information will be imported into DNA.Land.
(NOTE: DNA.Land does not send any information to will not see any genotype or phenotype information you've uploaded to DNA.Land.)

After authorization, the main profile page will reflect your new status. To disconnect, click on the disconnect link.