Multiple Profiles and DNA Kits

DNA.Land now supports multiple profiles (uploading multiple DNA kits). Kits can be of the same person (e.g. from multiple DTC companies) or multiple people.

When uploading DNA kits of other people, please remember:

We are an academic project and need to comply with human subject regulations. Our terms require the consent of the person whose genome is being uploaded. As long as your other family members agree to the consent terms you can upload their genomes on their behalf. Please write the true first and last name (not yours) of the person whose genome was uploaded as this is required by the consent.

The following information will be shown for all existing users:

Click on the Upload New Kit to upload additional kits to manage under the current account.

Uploading additional DNA kits uses the same upload process as the first DNA kits: agreeing to the consent, selecting the DNA file from your local computer, and answering basic questionnaire.

Additional DNA kits are shown on the main profile page:

Click the select link to activate the desired DNA Kit. The DNA.Land reports (ancestry, relative matching, traits prediction) will show the analysis based on the currently selected DNA kit.

Merging Existing Profile

Previosuly DNA.Land supported only a single DNA kit for every account, and many of our users created multiple accounts to upload more than one kit.

To merge existing profiles into a main account:

  1. Login as your main email account (the account you'd like to keep and use to manage multiple accounts in).
  2. Click the purple Merge Existing Profile button on the main page.
  3. The following page will be displayed:
  4. Enter the email of a secondary existing DNA.Land account that belongs to you and you would like to merge into this main account.
    For example, if your main DNA.Land account is and you have created a secondary DNA.Land account using, Enter in the merge request page.
  5. Click the Send Merge Request Email button.
  6. A confirmation email will be sent to the secondary email address (e.g.
    The email will contain a special confirmation link. Clicking on the link will confirm the merge request. Once confirmed, the following message will be displayed on the website:
  7. Profiles will be merged following a quick review.

  8. More information is available at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    For any additional questions, please contact DNA.Land.