Relatives of Relatives Finder Information (v0.1):

This report displays the relatives of your direct relatives, producing a broader list of your more distant relatives. This allows you to discover more potential relatives who may not directly share DNA segments with you, or may not pass our statistical threshold for determining recent ancestry. The Relatives of Relatives report may also be useful in cases where a direct relative of yours is unresponsive or possess little information about your family history. This is currently an experimental feature.

A typical report will look like the following:

Interpreting your relative finder report:

Things to consider
This report holds the same caveats regarding privacy and discovery of sensitive information as the Relative Finder report. Additionally, since the aim of this report is to potentially widen your network of relatives, please note this also exposes your contact and segment matching information to a larger number of users.

As in the Relatives report, participation in the Relatives of Relatives report is optional; if you choose not to participate, your profile will not be visible or discovered as a relative of another user. However, you must participate in order to view your own report. Please note that you may still participate in the original Relative finder if you choose not to participate in the Relatives of Relatives report.

Note on Relatives of Relatives segment matching
The size and location of intersecting segments are only estimates because we do not perform phasing as part of our analysis. This means it is possible that you and your Via relative, and your Via and Endpoint relatives, share a particular segment from different maternal and paternal chromosomes, rather than the same chromosome. Additionally, because a recent segment in one pair may intesect an ancestral segment in another, we no longer distinguish between recent and ancestral segments post-intersection.